About Us


DLHA Law Group, a division of De La Housaye & Associates is a general practice law firm headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area specializing in business law and civil litigation.

Founded in 2000, DLHA Law Group’s mission is to help each client navigate the challenges and uncertainties of operating a business in the 21st century, and to provide the benefits of large-firm expertise without sacrificing personalized service. With offices in Walnut Creek, San Francisco and Los Angeles, DLHA has successfully guided clients through a broad spectrum of business and litigation matters including contract drafting and disputes, business formation and dissolution, mergers and acquisitions, employment litigation, as well as real estate-related claims.

Our diverse client base allows DLHA to leverage its extensive cross-industry experience to address all of our clients’ ongoing legal needs, and to reduce the guess work involved in structuring, operating and growing a business. The firm’s litigation specialists work to keep our clients out of the courtroom through strategic positioning, negotiation, and mediation or arbitration. We also provide superior and cost-effective representation should litigation become necessary.

The DLHA legal team prides itself on working closely with each client on strategic planning during times of uncertainty and empowering them with the confidence to make the best legal decisions for their business. We are committed to integrity and professionalism, and to delivering individualized attention while providing the expertise necessary to achieve client objectives.

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